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Have you ever felt exhausted coming home after a long day? You pull in the driveway, and you don't even want to get out of the car because you know waiting for you on the other side of door is chaos and discontent. I've been there. I've sat in the car mustering up the energy needed to survive another day of my marriage, of my life. After heartbreak and destruction, my marriage was rebuilt. Now, coming home is my favorite part of the day. I can't wait to be with Megan, to enjoy our life together, truly living as husband and wife. We want to empower you to do the same for your marriage. To live a life where enjoy coming home everyday. 

"...the coaching and I received from Dee Bonney with his passion and energy for improving marriages helped me to be a better husband to my wife and completely changed our marriage."


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Aren’t we supposed to need one another, be there at each other’s side through thick and thin?
It’s easy for us to get to a place in our marriage where we’re comfortably numb when our marriage is just good but not causing us any pain.
it’s the heat of summer, school is knocking on the door (or at least the idea of school) with all the anxieties associated, kids are driving you crazy, your summer vacation plans probably went up in smoke, and you’re just drained.
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